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Bhupalana, a novel venture, initiated by the elderly group of CEVA consisting of 50 elderly parents, aimed at cultivating poison free vegetables or organic vegetables (on half an acre land at a prime location in Kochi suited for a healthy lifestyle), was inaugurated by Mararikulam Grama Panchayat President Adv. D Priyesh on 6th Jan 2015. Age was not a determining factor or a stumbling block for this elderly group in their drive towards cultivation of Toxic free vegetables meant for healthy living so as to ensure a better standard of life.

They turned out to be Role models for the society by identifying themselves with Mother Earth and engaged in cultivating toxic free vegetables such as Bananas, Cabbage, Cauliflower, ladies finger, spinach, tomato , green chilly etc by regularly watering & nurturing them twice a day. The produces of the vegetable farm is now much sought after by the local residents as it turned out to be a final remedy for them from consuming the poisonous vegetables affecting their health.