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Empowerment Based Child Rights Programme for children and their Social Enviornment (CRiPSE) is a project envisaged with the objective of empowering children for attainment of their legitimate rights, magnify the skill of teacher community towards creating a better, positive and far reaching Educational environment aimed at the progress of the physical and psychological needs of the children, training parents towards better parenting skills and simultaneously mobilize society for protection of children. Porgramme in implementing at 22 schools under Idukki Diocese Corporate Educational Agency and it is funded by Kindermissionswerk, Germany.

The major constituents of the project are;

This is the basis for all the activities initiated for the child protection in Idukki. Through counselling we got information about the situation of children in the family, school and community. On the basis of information through counselling all other programmes were planned and executed. In the last two years we could reach out to 14302 children in the project schools by giving solid support to them to overcome problems, stress and helped to share their happiness in life. We have very strong resource team including clinical psychologists, professional social workers and well trained counselors under this project who are solely committed to serve the children for their empowerment and enrichment.

Change Agent Team (CAT)
We have 22 Change Agent Team (CAT) schools with 1016 enthusiastic and energetic students who are the protectors of children in schools. They conducted several programmes like awareness classes on the basis of day observations, coordinated various charitable activities with the support of other students in the schools, engaged in eco-conservation activities like recycling of plastic, plastic free campus, waste Management etc. CAT act as liaison between counsellor and students and they are the guardians of schools. CRIPSE was launched on 1st July 2015 and piloted in 22 CAT schools in Idukki district taking into cognizance multi factor such as the myriad issues plaguing the student community in Idukki, geographical remoteness, which forms a major hindrance to children’s overall growth & Development.

Formation of Child Protection Policy
Based on the problems revealed through counseling we had several discussions with the students, teachers and the parents for effective formulation of child protection policies to prevent frequent reporting of similar cases again in the school. The policy gives the provision to children to raise voice against violation of their rights without any hassle and worry and the committee is responsible to deal the complaint and to take necessary action if the complaint is genuine.