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Pranamam – A Tribute to Elderly

A novel initiative from CEVA, (bringing together the elderly especially those belonging to economically weaker section of society residing in and around Ernakulam, by attending to their daily needs and requirements) was launched in 2014 coinciding with the International Day of the Elderly. The objective of the initiative was to establish and share a common platform where the elderly congregate and indulge in constructive and meaningful interaction on various issues, thoughts and at the same time could give expressions to their aspirations. Presently Pranamam consists of 65 senior citizens; Group meetings are held alternate Thursdays which provides an opportunity for them to lay bare the issues concerning health and related financial difficulties.

To overcome these difficulties, CEVA initiated need based Treatment support and medicines to the elders. Special attention is also extended to those from poor financial background by providing food and nutritional kits and also periodically coordinating and conducting Awareness classes, arranging inspirational talks to keep them agile and to adopt a positive outlook towards ageing. Apart from the above initiatives informative entertainment programmes and festivities are also undertaken by CEVA for Pranamam group members.

Leisure Trips

CEVA creates happiness in elderly persons through outing and leisure  activities. This year we have taken them to Malayattur, Kalady Shankaracharya Math and Sameeksha, trip organized with games and other recreational activities. CEVA through these enterprising ventures has been successful in moving closer to the elderly who were hitherto denied love, care and ttention

Health and Happiness Programmes

CEVA focused on happiness and well being through conduct of several awareness camps in yoga, exercises and engaged elderly citizens in group exercises towards improvement of their health standards.