An Initiative for HIV/Cancer Affected Children

Children are silent victims of the Cancer/HIV endemic. Children face lot of problems as they are vulnerable and are unaware of their rights. Their issues vary from being orphan; left destitute on the streets, drop out from schools, they are restricted from schools because of the stigma attached to it. Many children are forced to work or care for infected parents. Social exclusion, economic deprivation, malnutrition and exploitation are just some of the agonies they face.

The overall objective of this project is to provide care and protection to the children of Cancer/HIV affected families and empowers them through Educational, Psycho-Social and Health Support.

Category Primary Secondary Intermediate Professional studies
Education 3500 4500 7500 20000
Psychosocial 500 1000 1000
Health 500 500 1000
Coordination 200 200 200 200
Contingency 300 300 300 300
Total 5000 6500 10000 20500
  • Budget is calculated  per child annually and rounded for convenience

Since 2010, CEVA provided educational assistance to more 300 children. Experience in the field prove that Sponsorship  change a child”s life along with the family he/she belongs. A small contribution through per year there fore addresses the issues of these innocent children who are in a pathetic situation. It is the need of the hour to join hands to this programme.

We whole heartedly welcome all like-minded people to join in this philanthropic venture.

A Child without education, is like a bird without wings.

Tibetan Proverb

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Kindly make your contributions to:

Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association – Catholic Syrian Bank, Valanjambalam Branch, A/c #:0098-00574566-190001, Branch Code – CSBK0000098. You can also send your cheques to the Postal Address; The Secretary, Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association (CEVA), CEVA Bhavan, Karikkamuri, Cochin – 682011. (All contributions to CEVA are tax exempted under 80G).