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Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association (CEVA) commenced CEVA Cancer Care in four zones of Kerala, which supported more than 80 Cancer patients. The four zones include Kozhikode, Muvattupuzha, Kochi and Thrissur.  The activities initiated during this reporting year are as follows:

  1. Educational Support – cater to the educational needs of 67 children. The children are studying in different grades including lower primary, upper primary, and high school, higher secondary & other graduate/professional courses.
  2. Counselling Services – Counselling services are provided to all the beneficiaries by trained individuals, which help the families to cope effectively with their issues and problems.
  3. Treatment Aid – Treatment supports are given to the beneficiaries according to their needs.
  4. Nutrition Kit – For Proper and adequate nourishment of the patient we provided nutritional kit for the needy beneficiaries who are economically backward.
  5. Personality Development Camps –The camp include attitude training, yoga, games, group activities, sessions on life skills and personality development etc.
  6. Vocational Training – Training on DTP Operations, Networking, Data Entry etc are provided to the youth enabling them to get employed at the earliest.
  7. Income Generation Programmes (IGP) – IGPs include retail shops, goat rearing, lottery business, etc.
  8. House Visits – House visits by the staffs makes the cancer affected families to feel recognized and wanted. This also helped to create a positive attitude towards life and hopeful future.
  9. Get-together & Celebrations – Group meetings in each zone provide the beneficiaries a platform to share and discuss their issues and concerns and also enhance their group solidarity. Special occasions and festivals are also celebrated in the groups.
  10. Awareness Generation Programme – Awareness Generation Programme on Cancer and fighting the disease for the beneficiaries were initiated.