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Jalanidhi at NadatharaEnsures clean and safe drinking water for 2741 households.


Chavara Colony Developmental Project (CCDP) for 21 needy struggling families selected from Variane Lane, Vikas Nagar, Cherumukku and Seetharam Colonies, a monthly nutrition kit costing Rs. 700/- was distributed by Rev: Fr. Walter Thelappilly.

Growing rich, healthy organic vegetables and fruits at KESS FARM at Mannuthy – brought out and distributed by KESS Marketing Centre.

Food is provided at reduced costs from the KESS Canteen.

Crèches – A solace for the working mothers to have their children benefit from nutritious food and regular medical check-up.  An inspiration for being independent the

Self Help Groups with income generation program is an inspiration to become self-supportive. Legal Aid, Medicare, Counseling and Sheltering along with protection for women and children from domestic violence, abuse and harassment are provided by S.P.C (Service Providing Centre).