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The Pranaamam group members of CEVA were taken out for a one day trip to Alappuzha. CEVA team joined the 30 Pranaamam members for the trip.  The members spent an hour in the Thiruvizha Maha Deva temple. Everybody enjoyed being in the peaceful atmosphere of the temple premises.

Photo-Edits-2The team leaved for Kainakary at 11.30 am. The team reached Chavara Bhavan at Kainakary to visit the birth place of St. Chavara. Being in the blessed place brings peace to the mind of elderly. After spending immense time there, all the members were taken for boating in the Vembanad backwaters. The elders enjoyed the serenity of the backwaters and were happy to experience the thrill of boating in their old age. The trip rejuvenated them and they shared their gladness in getting a memorable day, which was unexpected by them at this age.  Photo-Edits