• Group Discussions on Relevant Topics
  • Sharing their issues/ideas/problems & finding solutions;
  • Celebrations (Onam, Christmas & Anniversary)
  • Entertainment Programs
  • Medical Camp (Vayomithram, Cochin Corporation)
  • Treatment Support as per need,
  • House Repairing/ Construction as per need
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Leisure Trip
  • Regular meetings – Twice in a month

GEMS of CEVA – Holistic Development of Children

CEVA believes that “Each child is a world of opportunities”. Favorable circumstances help them to reach the maximum of their abilities. Based on this principle, CEVA formed a group named “Gems of CEVA” for the holistic development of children from economically backward families. Through these projects, CEVA facilitate the Holistic development of children by enhancing their physical, psychological, social, intellectual, economic and spiritual aspects. 30 children are directly benefited through different programmes. CEVA since 2010 is providing maximum exposure to many children to develop and mould them to be socially sensitive useful citizens. As part of the project, CEVA ensures Personality Development,  Presentation Skills – Communication, Life skill development, Social Sensitization and Achievement of Educational Goal. The activities include:

  • Group Discussions & group activities
  • Skill/Personality Development Programmes
  • Counseling
  • Post Office Savings
  • Recreation Programmes
  • Summer Camps
  • Outings and Celebrations