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Administration of the Organization


The Prior General of the CMI congregation is the patron of CEVA. CEVA General Body consists of four types of members. 1) The founding members, 2) Ex-officio members: The General Secretary of the Social Apostolate of the CMI congregation is the ex-officio moderator of CEVA. The secretaries of the Social Apostolate of all CMI provinces /regions as well as the previous secretaries are ex-officio members. 3) Nominated members: The patron nominates five members. Each CMI province / vice region/ region can nominate 4 persons to CEVA of whom two shall be non-CMI. 4) Volunteers: Persons committed to the ideals and objectives of CEVA can apply to the Board and the board can give membership.


The Constitution of the Board of Directors is as follows:

1) The Moderator, 2) The elected office bearers: President, Vice-President and Secretary cum Treasurer 3) Two members nominated by the Patron. 4) Nine members elected by the general body. Out of the nine, four shall be CMIs and others non-CMIs.


The executive committee consists of the President, Moderator, and Secretary cum Treasurer. Their committee meets as and when required. All decisions are to be approved by the Board of Directors. The Secretary cum Treasurer is the de facto chief functionary of CEVA and is responsible for the day to day functions of CEVA. The Regional Secretary is in charge of CEVA NRO.


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May 15, 2019