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ALBOH – A Model for Children’s Home.

The Quality Enhancement Programme for the 27 inmates of the Alphonsa Boys Home at Karrikkamuri was initiated under the auspices of CEVA in 2014 with the vision of a centre of mutual support, love and care aimed at the holistic development of children through strategic interventions. This venture has rose to the level of a model programme for quality enhancement of child-care institutions, orphanages and children’s home.

The project was supported by Muthoot Foundation for a period of 2 years. We ensure the growth of children in the six major spheres of development viz. social, emotional, physical, educational, economic, and spiritual. Each child is given individual attention and care, provided motivation to bring the best out of them. Creative elements and innovative methods are use to inspire and motivate the children towards a better and positive attitude in life. The activities include Vision creation meeting, (individual) child monitoring, counselling, outings, celebrations, personality development classes, life skill trainings, career guidance, monitoring & evaluation, medical check-ups, orientation to care takers etc. The active involvement of the children, their parents, care-takers and management are ensured to provide the best possible growth facility for the children. All government requirements, rules and regulations were strictly followed as an attempt to be a model centre for child care and upbringing.



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May 18, 2019