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Gift A Cycle Project

Another initiative of CEVA in the jubilee year was ensuring education by providing bicycles to children in remote areas. Often it is said that “He who opens a school door closes a prison”. Our experience in working among children in rural areas of our country brought to light the fact that reasons for dropouts and absenteeism in educational institutions was that schools were often located far away. Moreover unavailability of bus services, even if available the unreliability of it, travel expenses being unaffordable to many etc caused children to be disinterested in pursuing their studies. With this gift of cycle we were able to provide them with not only a mode of transportation or a travel aid, but made them proud owners of a bicycle at a very young age, which motivated and encouraged them to do well in their studies and perform better. It also helped in building their confidence, strengthen their personality and aid in Life-Skills development like decision making capabilities and sense of direction.



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May 18, 2019