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HDCI Project – “A Novel Initiative for Children ’’

With the objective of creating a conducive atmosphere for the “Holistic Development of Children in Idukki” (HDCI), CEVA initiated the project HDCI in 2013.  The specific objectives of the project are the empowerment of Children for the attainment of their rights, enhancement of the skills of teachers for a better educational environment, enabling parents with better parenting skills, and mobilizing the society to ensure the protection of children.

The HDCI project has adapted a Promotive, Preventive and Curative approach in ensuring a better for the children in 12 schools under Idukki diocese. The three major components of the project are Formation of Change Agent Teams, Formulation of Child Protection Policy and Counseling in each school. Through the 600 CAT members from the school we wish to empower and inspire around 6000 children in Idukki. Rightly this initiative is “for the children, by the children and of the children.

Community participation and involvement is one of the major motives of the project itself, as the active involvement of the community is promoted through children, parents, teachers, school management and the local bodies. The empowering of the community to take up the issues of children, school and the future generations is visualized and designed to take place during the course of the project. The basic units created during the project like, Change Agent Team, Child Protection Policy and NGO network are the foundations that will provide an effective means for the continuation of the project. CEVA takes leadership in creating this interest group and will continue to be involved in ensuring that it is functioning smoothly. We wish that this synergic venture of CEVA and Corporate Management of Idukki Diocese would be a replicable model for the development of Children in the years to come.



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May 18, 2019