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During the Jubilee year, CEVA decided to do something beautiful in the lives of the poor and underprivileged. We wanted to celebrate our Silver Jubilee with some meaningful activities. Our focus was HIV/AIDS, Children, NGOs and networking. Few Jubilee Initiatives are mentioned below:

  1. “Reaching the Unreached”- Rooting in the Charism of Congregations

CEVA organized a 2-day symposium on “Reaching the Unreached” – Rooting in the Charism of Congregations in January 2012. It was aimed at synergizing the initiatives of congregations for the building of society. An ardent attempt to highlight the priorities and thrust areas in the social work of religious congregations was reflected in the symposium.

  1. Solar Lamp Distribution

To promote better learning environment to poor students in un-electrified remote areas of India, the Solar Lamp Project enabled us to shed light and rays of hope to rural children across the nation. There are majority of children who have difficulty in studying due to the unavailability of electricity in rural areas. Facilitating electricity to rural areas without grid supply has become an incredible reality. Because of this reason, major part of the children’s population even the bright students have difficulty to perform well in their studies. CEVA initiated this project to encourage them to pursue their studies. Consequently, this will increase their standard of living and help them to reach greater heights.

  1. Enabling Comfort Zone for Education:

CEVA initiated activities to enable comfort zone for the poor children to attain the goal of education. At the beginning of the academic year, the most deserving students are identified through various NGOs in Kerala and school aids ranging from books, uniforms, umbrellas, bags, travel expenses, language improvement aids etc. are gifted to them. This is felt to be highly motivational to the children and their families.

  1. Strengthening CMI NGOs:

CEVA is an institutional mechanism for the coordination of social development programmes carried out through the 15 provinces of CMI congregation. One of the major objectives of the Research and Development department is the strengthening of CMI NGOs and its capacity building through various trainings and consultancy services. CEVA carries out various development programmes through 15 provinces of CMI congregation all over India. The secretaries of the Social apostolate of all CMI provinces/regions are the members of CEVA General Body. Moreover each CMI provinces can nominate 4 persons to CEVA as the General Body member.

  1. Gems of CEVA

CEVA initiated the formation of 56 groups of children in Kerala. From these groups, 350 children were selected to develop their leadership qualities and to encourage them to come to the forefront of the society. CEVA conducts a get together of these children every year under this project.



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May 18, 2019