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  • Gyan Jyoti Literacy programme –  launched in 1987 reached out to illiterate children, school drop-outs, illiterate men and women through informal learning centres. A total of 25,000 individuals were helped through 1064 literacy centres spread in 8 Indian statesGyan-Jyothi...1


  • Kerala Social Volunteers Corps (KSVC Project) –  started in 1987, aimed at creating a core group of leadership in Kerala for Justice and development action. The project  financed by CEBEMO, Holland,  was operated in 10 rural centers in Kerala and trained about 500 men and women for social action.


  • Relief and Rehabilitation Programmes of CEVA – CEVA always responds to the unexpected natural disasters such as Cyclones, Earthquake, Floods and Tsunami in the past years.
    • Killer Cyclone in Orissa (1999) – CEVA could assist about 2550 individuals with clothing, food, medicines and school uniforms and 45 Families were organized into Self Help Groups and were assisted to income generation programmes as per each ones interest and competence.
    • Tsunami Tragedy (26th December 2004) – An amount of 44 lakh was collected and is being used for the rehabilitation of the victims in Kanyakumari District, Alappuzha District and Ernakulam District.
    • Uttarakhand Flood (June 2013) – CEVA contributed Rs. 1 lakh for the relief activities.


  • ASWAS (Association of Single Women for Action and Self Help) –  CEVA facilitated the formation of a support group for single women (widow, divorcees and unmarried women), arranged for financial support and training for the women. In 2000, ASWAS was registered as a society and is functioning as an independent entity having its own activities and programmes for the support of single women in Kerala.


  • National Child Labour Project (NCLP) –  implemented by CEVA NRO since 2005 with the support of the Ministry of labour through District Labour Department as well as with the support of Father Agnel School. The goal of the project is to reduce the Child Labour problem in Ghaziabad through alternative education.


  • Kavach TCI HIV Project – The Project focuses on both preventive and curative aspects of HIV/AIDS. was being implemented since 2005 with the support of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through Transport Corporation of India. CEVA has been rewarded with Gold Rank for the implementation of this project by TCI Foundation.


  • Strengthening of Rural Poor through Formation of Self-Help Group & Literacy – The Italian Bishops Conference project had its successful completion during the year 2010. Two major activities that come under this project are; 1 Formation of Self-Help Groups. 2. Literacy Programmes.


  • NGO Enhancement & Empowerment Project – CEVA identified 15 topics of relevance to be given training and assistance to NGOs. A-year long project with monthly training imparted to NGOs also to promote grass-root level institutions in the development process of better functioning. The project was funded by UPS Foundation USA.


  • Santhwanam – An Initiative for the HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected Children – Since its inception in May 2010, through this project CEVA has been successful in helping and caring for more than 200 children directly and many more through other like-minded organizations. Focus is mainly in Ernakulam, Thrissur, Idukki and Palakad.