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  1. Initiatives  taken by department of Social apostolate


  • Ashakiran Special school

Ashakiran  special school consists of 170 differentially abled children  and 30  staff to meet the needs of the children. New building of 25000 sq.feet  is now completed with all facilities.

Students of Ashakiran School

Students of Ashakiran School


  • Star Mahila Samajam

   It is a stabilizer assembling unit located at Chelannur. It provides employment for local women and thus enabling them to have  sustainable  income. All the employees are getting around Rupees 80,000 per year.


  • Ashraya Psycho-Social    Rehabilitation Centre

This is an institute where mentally ill  people are  rehabilitated. There are 9 inmates as of now. The service of  a doctor ,nurse and a social worker is being provided for the well being of the inmates.

Physical training to the inmates of Ashraya

Physical training to the inmates of Ashraya

  • Voccational Training Unit

A vocational training unit is being run at Amalapuri, Calicut. This is in fact a file making unit where autistic candidates are being trained under a trainer. Those who successfully complete training get salary for the work that they do.


  1. Social Apostolate through Stars


  • Farm Wayanad Project

This project aims at improving agriculture through organic farming. 1,792 farmers are directly benefited out of this project. Apart from organic farming, the main features of  the project are; psychological support to the needy, cancer survey, medical camp for cancer detection, awareness programs and befriending services.


Farm Wayanad Project

Farm Wayanad Project

  • Jalanidhi

The project was started at  Aralam gramapanchayath,Iritty  Kannur district. 14 crores  project  aims at providing  drinking  water to 3500 families in the Panchayath. The work of the project is in progress. At present 16 wells work had been completed. The project would come to an end by  March 2015.


  • Snehaveedu ( SELAVIP PROJECT)

This project is aimed at renovating houses in urban areas of Calicut city. 30 families enjoy the benefits out of this project.


Snehaveedu Beneficiary

Snehaveedu Beneficiary

  • Jeevanmarga(Raskob project)

100 families at Gundelpet thaluk in Chamaraj nagar dt. of Karnataka state receive financial support for cow rearing under this project.


Jeevan Marga - Cattle Rearing

Jeevan Marga – Cattle Rearing


There are 30 S.H.G’S under STARS in Kerala and Karnataka. These S.H.G’s are provided with interest free loan for various purposes. Income generating programes like cow rearing, tailoring shops, goat rearing, grocery shops, poultry, petty shops, banana cultivation are carried out by the S.H.G’s under STARS.