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St. Paul’s Province, Bhopal initiated Udaan – Project for Community Based Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons caters to the needs of 2000 disabled persons of various categories who need help for sustainability and rehabilitation. The new venture is named as ‘UDAAN’ meaning flight and its motto is ‘towards new horizons’. Marking CHAVARA YEAR, we envisage reaching out to 50 villages to undertake following activities. 1) Awareness programme in general public and government departments. 2) Facilitating persons with disabilities to avail certificates and other facilities. 3) Guiding the parents of guardians of persons with disabilities and suffering from serious diseases to referrals. 4) Vocational rehabilitation programme for the youth and adult with disabilities. 5) House visits, individual and family counseling. 6) Net working with government agencies and likeminded persons and organizations. Community Based Rehabilitation is a combined effort of people to rehabilitate differently-abled persons with their families, communities, relevant government and non-government organizations for better health, education, vocational training, social and other services.