CEVA – Social Apostolate of CMI Congregation

The VISION of CMI Social Apostolate fledged from the teachings of the Ministry of Jesus vociferously articulated by   the congregation was in consonance with the     founder & Patron saint, St Kuriakose Elias Chavara’s noble   & larger vision of eradicating  the rampant , all pervasive social stigmas, the  necessity of overcoming   queer societal behavior which existed then  , aimed  at   the wellbeing of  the neglected   sections  of the society whose hopes & aspirations had been mercilessly trampled by the diverseness and the class imbalance  prevalent in the social strata in those times  virtually shutting the doors  on  the marginalized to join the mainstream.

The formulation & promulgation of  a full-fledged constitution by the congregation and enforcement of the  laws contained therein   through  concrete actions  helped to go a long way in accomplishing the onerous task of resuscitating the  marginalized  mainly  through  a string of  philanthropic activities  which formed the backbone of CMI  social Apostolate vision .

CMI Social Apostolate has been always in the fore front of all other voluntary organizations targeting scores of beneficiaries & spending voluminous amount running to crores every year   for the benefit of the poor.

CMI apostolate vision  has considerably helped in  improving & transforming the lives of several marginalized communities at different centres in the country where in  their needs & aspirations primarily constituting Food , Clothing , shelter & health services  were immediately taken care considering them as one of their brothers & sisters  belonging to one & the same  family , the family of God.

Nevertheless, the social activities of the CMI encompasses  a  much larger canvass  comprising of  social welfare schemes aimed at  mentally & physically  challenged , aged & destitute , incarcerated individuals, food supply, Health Services inclusive of hospital , Depression ,De- Addiction  centers, HIV / AIDS  care centres, counselling centres, Non formal education & various community  based & community  Development  programs

Charity forms the underlying principle of the apostolate, the offshoots of which could be perceived in the form of innumerable humanitarian activities this forms the foundation while engaged in several socio- economic and cultural activities.

Our heavenly Patron Saint St Kuriakose Elias Chavara never advocated Evangelization just for the sake of it. For him it is a means   aimed at a larger goal, an opportunity to metamorphose oneself and make life worthy undergoing meaningful changes by imbibing a humane outlook. St Chavara  never wanted any individual to retreat himself or herself into  shell & meditate  in the garb of an evangelist but rather  dedicate to the  service of his fellow beings for  holistic upliftment  of their  lives.

The vision of the social Apostolate is to serve the poor with a passion of love & Dedication which is in tandem  with the noble & encompassing vision of  St  Kuriakose Elias Chavara that   states ‘ Let there be no day in your life in which you did no good to others’. His   divine  vision to serve human race  originated from   perceiving divinity in all human beings as Jesus said  ‘ Whatever you did for one of the least  of these brothers  and sisters of mine, you did for me’ ( Mathew 25;40).

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The Prior General of the CMI Congregation is the Patron of CEVA. The General Body consists



On January 27, 1987, The Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association was registered under

CEVA history

CEVA history

The first half of 1986 witnessed an increased awareness among the members of the CMI Congregation